Live what you are selling! The biggest project internally so far was the challenge to design and to 3d print the Canon awards this year. First Challenge: DESIGN Instead of copying anything existing on the market and simply label it with our Canon Logo, I decided to let my creativity allow full bent and design something that is unique and never seen before. After I received the approval from our marketing department I thought, I already have five icons, why don't digitise them to a 3D Model and put a base plate underneath it. My first design and 3D prints on my Desktop Printer were to spot the dimensions and details of the the design, if they would fit for 3D printing.

After 60 hours of 3D designing, the final CAD files were approved and I was ready to print them with our Selective Laser Sintering Technology. Why SLS? Well Polyamid is a longterm durable plastic. Its always good to create emotions, so I also showed my marketing skills and created some teaser with Photoshop:


If you would like to know more about the 3D printing workflow, about the 3D printing technologies or any other 3D printing related topics, drop me a message.